When will I be able to drive a car again?

You will be able to drive within one week after surgery.

When will I be able to engage in physical exercise again?

Most kinds of sport can be practiced again after a few days. Due to a high risk of infection, it is recommended to refrain from swimming for one month.

What do I have to be careful of after the operation?

Do not rub your eyes. Avoid situations that may result in contact with the eyes, e.g. pets, children. Be careful to avoid eye contact with a shampoo or soap until the healing process is completed (2-3 days). In the first few months you should also avoid direct sunlight. Follow any further instructions given to you by your attending doctor.

Is it true that the eye becomes more sensitive to light after the operation?

The eye can be more sensitive to light for a few days following the operation. In order to reduce this feeling, you should wear sunglasses. We will provide you with free sunglasses that have good UV protection.

Will I be able to see better immediately after the operation?

Depending on the number of dioptres before the operation, you might immediately notice an improvement of your eyesight. This effect will further improve over the following weeks.

What happens after the operation?

Our staff will administer eye drops to your eyes. Furthermore, we will provide you with free medication and eye drops after your operation and our staff will be able to inform you on how and when to take and apply it. The moisturising eye drops are particularly important for a pleasant sensation because some people might experience a feeling of dryness in their eyes for a short period after surgery, which can be easily treated using these eye drops.

Will I feel pain after the operation?

Owing to the modern and gentle femto-LASIK technology, there are no reports of patients having experienced feelings of pain after the operation. From our experience, it is not uncommon for some patients to feel as though they have a foreign body in their eyes once the anaesthetic has worn off. However, this feeling is perfectly normal and will wear off after some time.

Will both eyes undergo treatment on the same day?


What happens if I move the eye during the operation?

You will be asked not to move your eye and follow the green light. The most modern lasers are, however, equipped with the so-called eye tracking system, which ensures that the area, which will be treated, is always in the centre of the eye.

How long does the procedure take?

The entire process takes approximately 5 minutes for each eye. The laser treatment itself (the removal of dioptres with the excimer laser) only takes a few seconds, depending on the required correction of the cornea. Recovery time is very short and patients can leave the clinic right away.

Is it a painful procedure?

The eye will be anaesthetised with eye drops before and after the operation. Therefore, you will not feel any pain. Some patients report that they feel a slight pressure as the femtosecond laser creates the flap.

Can I undergo the treatment if I am pregnant?

It is not recommended to undergo an operation during pregnancy although the performance of a laser procedure is not harmful or dangerous in the early stages of pregnancy.

I have a cold. Can I still undergo the treatment?

A mild cold does not represent an obstacle to the procedure. If a patient suffers from a high temperature or other related symptoms, they should seek advice prior to making an appointment.

Can I wear my contact lenses until the beginning of the treatment?

Soft contact lenses should not be worn 7 days prior to the preliminary examination, hard contact lenses should not be worn for 14 days of the preliminary examination.