A prestigious scientific journal published Dr. Stodulka’s article

Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today Europe, a publication for European eye surgeons, published the contribution of Dr. Pavel Stodulka on his experience with the treatment of presbyopia.

CRST Europe has published several expert articles and views of our leading surgeon on a variety of ophthalmology issues. In the last issue, dr. Stodůlka talks about the methods of treating presbyopia, and various corneal inlays that are available for the treatment of the eye error.

Presbyopia appears in older age, and manifests as an impaired ability to focus on reading.

CRST Europe is a leading scientific journal dealing with various areas of eye surgery, leaders in ophthalmology on its website comment on, for example, treatment of cataract, corneal diseases, refractive defects and their treatment with laser eye surgery.