To stabilize the results of laser surgery using the Femto-LASIK method, some patients are recommended to additionally undergo photochemical corneal cross-linking known as LASIK EXTRA. This is carried out on the day of the actual laser operation, usually immediately afterwards.

This method uses the properties of riboflavin, which is applied to the cornea in liquid form. The cornea is then irradiated with ultraviolet light. This produces chemical compounds that stiffen the cornea without impairing its transparency.

The Gemini eye laser practice uses the KXL device from the leading American manufacturer Avedro to irradiate the cornea with ultraviolet light.

In the Gemini clinics in Austria and the Czech Republic, the LASIK-EXTRA method has been applied to more than 3000 patients. The principle of photochemical corneal cross-linking is also used in keratoconus treatment. This is a genetic disease in which a certain part of the cornea deforms into a cone, which leads to impaired vision.

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