Our Team

The Gemini Eye Clinic team is led by Dr. Pavel Stodulka, FEBOS-CR. It consists of highly qualified surgeons with many years of experience in the field of laser eye surgery. Get to know our team better.

Dr. Pavel Stodulka
Dr. Pavel Stodulka Specialist and optometry in ophthalmology

With his many years of expertise, Dr. Stodulka is one of the most renowned physicians in his field.
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Dr. Alena Rumpova
Dr. Alena Rumpova Specialist in ophthalmology and optometry

Dr. Rumpova carries out the initial examinations and is the first point of contact for our patients.
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Dr. Eva Dänemark, MBA
Dr. Eva Dänemark, MBA Manager of the office

Dr. Eva Denmark runs our Office in Vienna and looks after the practice as well as our patients.
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Marie Jorda
Marie Jorda Head Nurse

Marie Jorda is there for our patients on the day of the operation and takes care of their well-being.
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Martina Otrisalova, BSc
Martina Otrisalova, BSc Optometrist

As an optometrist, Martina Otrisalova supports the Gemini team in the preliminary examinations.
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