Dr. Pavel Stodulka, FEBOS-CR

Specialist in ophthalmology and optometry

Dr. Pavel STODULKA, PhD, FEBOS-CR is a chief surgeon and CEO of Gemini Eye Clinics in the Czech Republic and Vienna.

He is a high-volume surgeon dedicated to innovations. He started quite a few surgeries as the first in his country e.g. he was the first to perform lasik (1994), femtolasik (2006), MICS (2001) and femtocataract (2012).

The first in the world who implanted presbyopic diffractive phakic IOL (2014) and he is a co-inventor of new laser for capsulotomy called CapsuLaser. He performed the world first CapsuLaser capsulotomy (2015) and received the 1st price in innovative category for his video about CapsuLaser at ESCRS meeting in Copenhagen in 2016. The first surgeon who has implanted hydrophobic version of trifocal FineVision IOL in 2016. He designed presbyopic collagen corneal microlens and performed the world first implantation in 2018.

He also happened to return vision by Boston KPRO artificial cornea to several patients who used to be blind for many years with the longest cured blindness as long as 53 years. He performed surgery on the former president of Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus.


1989 – Medical Faculty of Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic

1992 – finished residency – certification of the I. gr. in general ophthalmology

1992 – licence to practice general ophthalmology in the Czech Republic

1996 – finished fellowship – certification of the II. gr. in general ophthalmology

2000 – PhD in ophthalmology at Medical Faculty of Charles University in Hradec Kralove. Research topic: LASIK

2017 – FEBOS-CR – Fellow of European Board of Ophthalmology Specialist in Cataract and Refractive Surgery – the first in the Czech Republic and Austria

Professional positions:

1989 – 1992: residency at the Bata Hospital in Zlin, Czech Republic

1992 – 1996: fellowship at the bata Hospital in Zlin, Czech Republic

1995 – 2002: vicehead of the eye department at the Bata Hospital in Zlin, Czech Republic

2002 – 2008: head of the eye department at the Bata Hospital in Zlin, Czech Republic

2008 – present: head & CEO of Gemini Eye Clinics, Czech Republic

2010 – present: Gemini Augenlaser Praxis in Vienna, Austria

Teaching activities:

  • assistant at 3rd medical faculty of Charles University in Prague

Editorial board membership:

  • Cataract and Refractive Surgery Today (CRST)
  • Ocular Surgery News (OSN)

Industry consultancy & advisory board:

  • Avedro Advisory Board
  • Bausch + Lomb consultant
  • Kemin Pharma European Advisory Board
  • VSY International Advisory Board

Professional societies memberships:

  • AECOS – American-European Congress of Ophthalmic Surgeons: President (since June 2022)
  • ASCRS – American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery
  • CSRKCH – Czech Society of Refractive and Cataract Surgery: vice-chairman
  • COS – Czech Ophthalmological Society: board member
  • CGS – Czech Glaucoma Society
  • ESCSR – European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons: board member

New operating methods introduced in the Czech Republic:

  • LASIK for myopia, 1995
  • LASIK for hyperopia, 1995
  • evisceration through posterior sclerotomy with the biocompatible implant, 1995
  • hyperopia correction with posterior chamber phakic IOL, 1997
  • glaucoma surgery by deep sclerectomy with hyaluronic acid implant, 1999
  • combined deep sclerectomy with phaco, 1999
  • laser cataract surgery with Dodick photolysis, 1999
  • glaucoma surgery by excimer laser deep sclerectomy, 2000
  • MICS – microincision cataract surgery, 2001
  • hyperopia correction by scleral shaping, 2003
  • epi-LASIK, 2004
  • DMEK – 2004 – one of the firsts in the world
  • lasik by femtosecond laser, 2006
  • artificial cornea Boston KPRO implantation, 2008
  • FLACS – laser assisted cataract surgery, 2012
  • laser corneal relaxing incisions, 2012
  • presbyopic phakic IOL implantation, 2014 – first in the world
  • laser capsulotomy by CapsuLaser, 2015 – first in the world
  • photorefractive corneal cross-linking, 2016
  • relex smile for hyperopia, 2017
  • collagen corneal microlens for presbyopia correction, 2018 – first in the world

Major surgical interests:

  1. laser vision correction – the first LASIK in the Czech Republic, 1995, over 15 000 procedures
  2. laser assisted cataract surgery – the first in the Czech Republic, 2012, over 10 000 procedures
  3. phakic IOL implantation – the first in the world to implant presbyopic phakic IOL, 2014
  4. scleral IOL fixation with no-knot technique


Published papers

Several chapters in the book, over 30 papers published and 2 currently accepted for publication.

Oral presentations

Over 800 presentations internationally and in the Czech Republic

Design of surgical instrument, IOL and devices:

  • Stodulka’s capsular and zonular scissors. Manufactured by Storz, Germany.
  • Stodulka’s stenopeic disk IOL. Manufactured by Morcher, Germany.
  • presbyopic corneal microlens, Manufactured by LinkoCare, Sweden.
  • Holds over 5 patents regarding ophthalmic devices.