Lens surgery

Laser eye surgery is not suitable for all patients. Dry eyes, thin or too steep cornea, too strong or unstable ametropia, too wide pupil, recurrent infections, or intraocular eye diseases cannot be treated with laser.

In these cases the following alternatives exist:

Intraocular lens implantation

An artificial intraocular lens is implanted in the eye to correct the defective vision. After this operation there are two lenses in the eye – the natural lens and the artificial lens. This method is mainly used for eyes with a thin or too steep cornea, or if the defective vision is too strong for laser correction.

Femtolaser RLE

(Refractive Lens Exchange)

Femtolaser-RLE – The alternative to goggles in the case of onset of age-related near vision impairment (presbyopia). With the Femtolaser-RLE, the procedure is performed without the use of a blade or knife. All cuts are made by a femtosecond laser gently, safely and with maximum precision. The age-related hardened inner eye lens is replaced by a modern multifocal intraocular lens. The aim of the treatment is to avoid glasses for near and far vision.

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