Our Augenpraxis was this month equipped with two new devices

The Gemini Augenlaser Praxis is a modern eye care facility specializing in laser removal of diopters. We have been working on the constant perfection and we purchase new equipment. This month, we facilited the office with two new devices which will be used in the care of Gemini patients.

We purchased a new CXL device for the strengthening of the cornea for the even more stable result of the LASIK EXTRA surgery. The treatment is then carried out in such a manner when B12 vitamin is applied on the surface of the cornea and the device in the following process applies UV beams that strength of the cornea. The device is controlled by a computer with a touch screen onto which the image of the cornea projects.

A new pachymeter is the other new device, which we got for the laser office. It is used for painless and precise examination of the corneal thickness. Both the technologies will be used for the care of vision of Gemini Augenpraxis patients.