The secret to a healthy vision

The secret to a healthy vision: regular checkups, a varied diet, eye yoga and less time at your computer and laptop screens

60 percent of the world’s population suffers from some eye defect. And the number of people with vision problems is steeply increasing. You should take care also after your eyes! What principles should be followed to keep your eyes in the best shape?

1. Regular visits at your ophthalmologist’s and proper correction of eye defects

By the means of our eyesight, we perceive 80 percent of all information. Therefore, we should take care of our eyes so that they can stay healthy as long as possible. First of all, it is important not to underestimate regular visits at the ophthalmologist’s. Even if you do not experience any troubles with your eyesight, you should make appointments at your ophthalmologist’s regularly. Regular eye examinations are essential to maintain healthy vision. As prevention is better than cure, after 40 years of age, once-a-year examination is recommended for early detection of age-related diseases such as age-related macular degeneration, or cataracts. Regular eye examinations can detect serious eye diseases that develop undetected, such as glaucoma. These eye examinations can also reveal general conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure. The eye is the only organ where blood vessels can be directly and non-invasively observed.

2. Balanced and varied diet

Healthy lifestyle is also important for your eyes, especially the composition of the diet, which should be as varied as possible, rich in vitamins and minerals. Eggs, sea fish, corn, soybeans, blueberries, garlic, tomatoes, nuts, seeds, and particularly olive oil are important foods for your eyes. Turmeric, which is very popular in India, is little known to have, for example, in addition to a very positive effect on vision, also an anti-tumor effect. Quitting smoking is also a good starting point for maintaining healthy vision. If your diet is not varied enough, you can supplement missing vitamins and minerals with dietary supplements. You can also prevent eye problems with the Gemioptal supplements.

3. Less time spent on a computer, tablet or smartphone and more time spent in the countryside

Regular exercise is good for health. It is also good to provide your eyes with plenty of movement as well. But what is equally important is to rest. Sitting in front of a  computer and or tablet or smartphone screen on a daily basis, your eyes become dry easily due to insufficient blinking frequency and also get tired more quickly, so it is important to take regular breaks, relieving your eyes by blinking and looking into the distance, such as from a window towards the green trees.

4. Eye exercises

Every day before bedtime, people working on computer are advised to do yoga eye exercises- a set of simple eye movements that speed up metabolism in and around the eye and thus positively affect your eyesight.

Eye exercises:

  1. 10 blinks
  2. 10 look-ups and look-downs
  3. 10 looks to the right and to the left
  4. 10 diagonal looks from the top right to the bottom left
  5. 10 diagonal looks in the opposite direction
  6. 10 circles with your eyes to the right
  7. 10 circles with your eyes to the left
  8. 10 blinks


  1. High-quality eye protection

Quite often people also underestimate eye protection, so permanent injuries are no exception. Eye protection must be remembered even on sunny days. It is important not to forget eye protection during various activities, such as the use of protective equipment during work, sports and also to protect your eyes from the UV radiation from the sun with quality sunglasses.